UPDATE [2] Donator Pets, Staff Applications & Bug fixes

Should we transfer to bigger plots? (513x513)

  • Yes!

    Votes: 5 62.5%
  • No.

    Votes: 3 37.5%

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Staff member
Feb 11, 2018
Hello everyone!

Few minor fixes were recently implemented to the server:
  • You can now be able to press tab to autocomplete a username!
  • Donators pets are back! (/pet)
  • You will receive the voting rewards directly instead of using /rewards (More on that below)
There are a few players that have voted before and not yet claimed their /rewards. If you are one of them you can type the old command and still be able to claim them. We have great plans for future uses of /rewards, and one of those uses are going to be build contests. More planned events will be added soon!

We need your opinion on making our server's plots bigger (513x513). No plots will be lost and all will be moved to the new world. Be sure to cast your vote in the poll above!

Note: Staff applications are now open and we're looking forward to have you in our staff team within next week!​

We have our official discord released few days ago, and we're not stopping there! We are planning on implementing our own music bot, stay tuned!​
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