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Aug 9, 2018
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on the server. You probably know me as the dude who desperately always begged for mod and was always on the forums. All I wanted to sat that this server changed me for the better. It's weird looking back at those times spent here, realizing the worth of the memories I made. Corny? Probably, very, but isn't there always a little truth in cliches? I found this place in a tough part of my life and I wanted to thank you guys and this community for helping me get through some tough times, where the only remedy was talking to faceless, though caring people on the internet. I hope space realizes this and looks back at this project of his with a smile and not a regret. I wanna name some important people but that'll be creepy and I doubt people will read this. I've grown up since then, since the first end of the server almost 3 years ago and the memories I made here are ones I will keep forever. Who knew this little server would shape me and teach me so much about life in general, and I'm being totally honest. One last Huzzah to this forums and server I guess, if it actually is the end of it thanks space.

Pigwentmoo! lol

P.S Me thinking to myself: dont shed a tear dont shed a tear dont shed a tear dont shed a tear dont shed a tear dont shed a tear